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About Us

EPINAV AGRICULTURAL SOLUTIONS (EAS) Is ambitious and innovative agricultural firm that is turning the small scale & unreliable agribusiness and horticultural industry on its head. With an experienced, full skilled young agricultural scientist at the helm as DIRECTOR assisted by highly skilled professional team, EAS intends to grow through ininnovative and market driven, agricultural production, high quality customer and community services and creation of Tanzania rural farmers’ market link with reliable markets. Led by a Young African Leader under President Barack Obama’s YALI initiative, with support from USA department of State through United States African Development Foundation (USADF), EAS is committed to transforming the small-scale agriculture and horticulture sectors into leading economic hubs for growth in Tanzania and Africa.


Our Mission

While driving the latest agriculture innovation in Africa, EAS intends to end hunger, poverty and malnutrition across the continent by providing leadership to practical agricultural practices and innovation.

Our Vision

Ours is to bring agricultural revolution through practical solutions and introduction of the latest innovation in agriculture into the continent. Helping businesses in introduction and product development to African market and linking Tanzanian/African produce to the global market. Engaging more youth into agribusiness our top priority.