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Tomato seeds BANSAL FI

Tomato Hybrid Seeds BANSAL F1

Epinav Agricultural Solutions tend to distribute and supply the Hybrid Tomato seeds BANSAL F1 with the following unique features

>Bansal F1 Tomato seeds tend to mature early about 60-65 days after the transplanting.

>Bansal F1 one fruit is approximated to have a weight about more than 120grams 

>Bansal F1 tend to have high yield per acre about more than 1,000 Tomato Trays

>Bansal F1 have very huge fruits with a thick outer shell

>Bansal F1 have very strong immunity to resist against various vegetable diseases like virus TYLCV, Bacteria Wilt (mnyauko) and Fusarium wilt.

Bansal F1 tomato seeds are now available in all over of our country you can call us through +255 747 906 694